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  • jrlyons
    Feb 28, 2002
      --- In existlist@y..., "Yulian K. Gaard" <ccc61261@v...> wrote:
      > Dear Bill, Dear All ...
      > Bill wrote;
      > "Yulian, Can I use a Posidon medallion, he is my latest god de
      jure? Bill"

      Yulian this is a list about Existentialist Philosophy. It is
      not a philosophy addressed to language puzzles or self
      indulgent id driven platitudes. Existentialism is philosophy
      at work in the trenches of life, calling us to immediate
      awareness, commitment and passionate revery in the fact of the
      freedom this philosophy has exposed for us. For some here
      these ideas are new, well, so is life, I would hope that most
      here would prefer to engage and breathe free. But, what is
      interesting here is what seems obvious. We should be
      engaging Husserl Phenomenology, Heidegger's Authenticity,
      Sartre's Ontology, Camus' The Fall, Kierkegaard's "Becoming
      A Christian" ~ Nietzche's death of god and the attack on
      Nihilism. Hannah Arendt, etc. But we're not, we're calling
      that neurotic little faker with the Remington Rand typewriter,
      Ayn Rand, a worthwhile read and listening to you talk about
      your candles with not a thought about Spinoza. You must be
      laughing your ass off and I don't blame you. Unless you take
      yourself seriously, unless we take you seriously.
      > I'll be cryptic in my answering here, mostly because a direct
      would go against the purpose of most my postings. My answer is; "Can
      > Do you believe that walking back and forth is what actually
      *creates* the changes ? Do you believe that it's the shape, size and
      form of the item ?
      > Look into yourself, Bill, You'll see that you carry the answer to
      your question there.
      > Blessings
      > Yulian
      > Respectfully submitted.
      > " Magic is a way of life. "
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