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  • Delia Friedberg
    Jan 22, 2000
      Randy, though each human being is unique, there are certain resembles between the members of this species. To see only what departs us from one another and to completely ignore what we have in common , theoretically , at extreme, may be a choice but is futile, as is the contrary. What about
      seeing both ?
      ps. what about our need for communication?

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      From: Randy M. Zeitman
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      From: "Randy M. Zeitman" <randzman@...>

      >From: shirya@...

      Yes, it didn't. (What came before everything?)

      > From: "Delia Friedberg" <deliaf@...>
      >how everything that exists can be equal and how can the borders between
      >good and evil not exist?

      Because everything that exists does so in the realm of human existance.
      That is, things as they *really* are is unknown (Sartre calls this
      being-in-itself) so we can't make any real statements about them being what
      they really are. In that regard some might say all things are 'perfect',
      some might say 'all things are the same', some might say 'nothing really
      exists', some might say 'we live in a dream', some might say 'all the
      world's a stage', etc., etc...

      We lost the battle when our folks got us Social Security numbers.


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