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60301Re: [existlist] I Heart Huckabees

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  • josephson45r
    Jul 15 11:13 AM
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      Let's try this.

      1. apparent solidarity and non-apparent (interconnectivity)


      2. absurdity and meaninglessness

      Where (1) is action and engagement based on common goals, as well as the scientific and/or spiritual which isn't always that obvious to many. This is perhaps arguably not an existentialist theme except for political engagement, etc. This can be expanded to included any cause.

      And where (2) existentialism includes the idea that life is absurd and there is no cohesive meaning except what one chooses or not.

      The two different themes in the film were represented quite humorously.


      ---In existlist@yahoogroups.com, <chris.arthur1@...> wrote :

      Just trying to decode what you wrote, I would guess that you meant the two themes as below:

      1. non-apparent but real interconnectedness
      2. solidarity versus both absurdity and meaninglessness as one

      Sorry if I seem lame, but my analytical mind gets me into trouble sometimes...


      On 7/12/2014 12:46 PM, josephson45r@... [existlist] wrote:

      I watched this film again the other day and was pleased with how a mainstream movie (non-art house) was able to adequately depict the two main "opposed" themes of existentialism: non/apparent but real interconnectivity and solidarity vs. absurdity and meaninglessness. 


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