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60285Re: [existlist] RE: The Ice Palace

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  • josephson45r
    Jun 9, 2014
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      Yes, it may be a stretch to make this analogy. Perhaps Unn was unconsciously trapping herself. She seemed so isolated from others, frozen. When Siss tried to honor her memory, she mimicked Unn's behavior, but after Unn's auntie talked with her, encouraging her to let Unn go, she returned to her normal, more authentic self. Unn had no idea she was dying in the ice palace; the bardos are deliberate. She became trapped and frozen, because she already was that. 

      We don't have to live or die alone, unless we really want to. I like cultural-religious traditions in which words are said to help the dead on their journey, the idea of a community reconciling with death, instead of pushing it to the margins and the sterile domain of hospitals and morticians. Death should be a rite of passage, not an embarrassment.

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