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60283Re: [existlist] RE: The Ice Palace

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  • Peter ciccariello
    Jun 6, 2014
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      Now that you mention that Christopher, I remember thinking that the transitions inside the ice palace reminded me of the levels of Bardos in Tibetan Buddhism.

      Here from Wikipedia are the six Bardos.

      Six bardos in Tibetan Buddhism

      Fremantle (2001) states that there are six traditional bardo states known as the Six Bardos: the Bardo of This Life (p. 55); the Bardo of Meditation (p. 58); the Bardo of Dream (p. 62); the Bardo of Dying (p. 64); the Bardo of Dharmata (p. 65); and the Bardo of Existence (p. 66).

      Shugchang, et al. (2000: p. 5) discuss the Zhitro (Tibetan: Zhi-khro) teachings which subsume the Bardo Thodol and mention Karma Lingpa, terma and Padmasambhava and list the Six Bardo: "The first bardo begins when we take birth and endures as long as we live. The second is the bardo of dreams. The third is the bardo of concentration or meditation. The fourth occurs at the moment of death. The fifth is known as the bardo of the luminosity of the true nature. The sixth is called the bardo of transmigration or karmic becoming.[2]
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