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60265Do you never get tired?

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  • Du Selbst
    Feb 21, 2014
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      Are you not tired of writing and reading emails,
      I found myself at my computer every day,
      it has become my best friend,
      I share with him my deepest thoughts,
      try to impress others, with my belief's,
      looking for same minded individuals,
      I'm trying to form a cult, 
      a mirror cult,
      that's my story, 
      the superbeing, 
      the overhuman, 
      the mirrormachine.
      Again that's my story, 
      what's your story, 
      are you awakened, 
      are you a philosopher, 
      are you an addict, 
      why do you check emails everyday, 
      why do I?
      What makes us so attached to the computer?
      Is it the need for approval?
      With my mirrow story, I can not impress any one, 
      there's no human being on earth alive today, who would fall for my mirrosophy, 
      love your mirror, love your next, 
      than I turn around, I look into the internet mirror, 
      and I see thousands of faces, 
      glaring into the screen, 
      reading messages one by one, 
      who's writing here, 
      who responded to my message?
      All is seemingly stored.
      But for how long?
      Potentially forever, 
      how long?
      How old will this machine become?
      The robots take over, 
      Any comments on that?
      Was it not in the news?
      let's say the internet survives, 
      and our messages do the same, 
      so that people in six trillion years can cruise through the internet in their past time, 
      and read messages written lightyears ahead.
      That's like reading the notes of the first neandertaler, 
      I somewhat still have the idea, that I belong to a rare creed, 
      the mirrorians, 
      and what do I do, 
      I look in the internet mirror, day after day, 
      for what?
      Because I want to teach those others, 
      the love of mirrors,