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60070"Anguish, Bad Faith, and Sincerity"

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  • Mary
    Jul 16, 2013
      Since I don't have the section on Bad Faith in my copy of "Being and Nothingness" I was trying to find some commentary, especially related to the speaker. I found this which turns out to have a fairly comprehensive critique of the concept showing that Sartre uses the term in more than one sense. You have to scroll forward and backwards within the text to see most of the commentary. Also note it's only a preview so not all the pages are available.

      I guess what's at issue here is whether Sartre's concept of bad faith is bullshit, whether his are bad examples of his own concept, or whether we simply haven't taken enough time and effort to more fully understand it. For now I'm in the last 'whether.' I'm going to read and digest this and hope to comment in a few days. Still waiting to hear from Jim; it's helpful to have more than two people in a discussion.