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60050Re: Sartre's "Ego"

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  • Jim
    Jul 10, 2013
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      Thank you for your post.

      I am not aware of what Sartre says about somebody delivering a speech, but I would be surprised if he is saying that everybody who delivers a speech is manifesting bad faith.

      As I read him he is not saying every waiter manifests bad faith, or every homosexual, or even everybody who is ambitious for success. It isn't the role a person takes up which is associated with bad faith, it is rather the attitude the person has to their role.

      I think, as Mary says, Sartre is saying everyone of us suffers anguish because we struggle to cope with the vertigo of extreme freedom. McCulloch criticises Sartre on this point as it doesn't seem that everybody is continually experiencing anguish about their freedom.

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