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60019Re: [existlist] Re: Consciousness is two modes of being

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  • eduardathome
    Jul 5, 2013
      Anyway, I won't press the point further.


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      This is the at least the second time you yourself use the term "part". The
      previous time you said, "Each time you seek to be aware of your
      consciousness in total, you have to use part of it to be conscious of it." I
      don't think anyone has claimed that the part is capable of knowing the
      whole. We agreed the whole is absolute and unknowable.

      Do you mean it is impossible to use "part" of your consciousness in order to
      be aware that you are conscious—or—that it is simply impossible to study or
      make an object of consciousness in any fashion whatsoever? If the former is
      the case, we don't know that we are conscious. If this latter is true, there
      is no point whatsoever in scientific studies of the brain, because it's
      impossible to only use part of it to study the whole of it. There is also
      then no point in trying to understand how we think. It would be inaccessible
      to us.

      To examine anything about our consciousness, either scientifically or
      philosophically, is utilizing one aspect to examine another aspect.


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      Each time she tries to be conscious of her consciousness, she has to use
      part of it to be aware of it.


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