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59922Re: was brain drain/ thought

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  • Jim
    Jun 16, 2013

      You write:

      "I am quite sure that one can find a wealth of words to paint an experience without the use of neurology, but my point is that to "describe" the experience fully would need a reference to how it is actually obtained. As for example, seeing an apple is an experience, but this "seeing" is a functioning of both the eye and the brain. So yes, one can describe the experience of an apple in many ways, but the description isn't complete until the whole of it is described."

      You are just repeating what you said in a previous post, without acknowledging that I have replied to this precise point. To repeat myself: You can describe any experience qua experience fully without talking about the neurological basis for the experience. The neurological basis is not of the essence of the experience. The essence of the experience is exhausted by its phenomenology.

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