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5985RE: [existlist] Will to Power and Nihilism

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  • Ryan Dewald
    Feb 4, 2002
      Well written Charles, I can think of nothing better to read this monday
      morning than a synopsis of nihilism! Work work work.


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      Hi, B.G.

      The issue of nihilism is not just about values or tranvaluation of
      values; our value system does not allow ourselves to exercise power or
      attempt to seek and create happiness, but instead is mired in resentment and
      endless rationalization. We are machines constructed for no purpose, aim, or
      goal. We are all nihilitics, unless we become "supermen" (the advent of
      which is also purposeless.) If the ideal is to be formulated, it must be
      done in terms of the will to power which Nietzsche claimed to be man's most
      basic drive, and "to philosophize with a hammer", is nothing but pure
      nihilism; the result of a faulty value-system turning back on itself,
      ultimately devaluating itself and causing the experience of nothingness on
      the many levels of human consciousness. Living things aim to discharge their
      strenght and express their will to power, a power out of expansive energy
      which can entail danger, pain, lies, deception and masks. "there are no
      facts, only interpretetions." There is no dichotomy in Nietzsche.

      The arguments of philosophy are always obscure. Perhaps, even Derrida's
      deconsttruction theory is no different to the skepticism of Montaigne or
      Hume, which can be interpreted as self- defeating by using language and
      reason respectively to explain the nature of things, and thus, become
      nihilitic themselves (no to mention Eigen's glass bead game with his
      self-regulating nature of out-of-equilibrium dissipative systems as "will to
      power".) Man is part of nature and cannot conceive of it as different toward
      him without being indifferent toward himself-- i.e., sinking into nihilism.

      Maybe a quotation from the very source will make my point clearer:
      "What I relate is the history of the next two centuries. I describe what is
      coming, what can no longer come differently: the advent of nihilsm. This
      history can be related even now; for necessity itself is at work here." (
      Nietzsche's preface on Will to Power, edited by W. Kaufmann.)

      B.G., to think that Nietzsche is no a nihilistic in any of his books,
      especially his notebooks, is the same as to think that Jesus Christ was an


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