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  • Jim
    May 27, 2013
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      Yes, I agree that struggling with the central text is the best thing to do, although with a Hegel or a Sartre it is going to be a long struggle - years rather than weeks!

      I have not actually read any Sartre (apart from some of the novels), but I had thought he was more accessible than Hegel. I do hope to read "Being and Nothingness" at some stage, but as he is partly responding to what Hegel wrote, my aim is to make more progress with Hegel first.

      I'm not sure if there is a clear difference between being a metaphysical thinker rather than an existentialist. Although traditionally Hegel is not bracketed with the existentialists, as Wil has pointed out, there are lines of connections between all these European philosophers. They were wrestling with the same issues: issues to do with our place in the world, our freedom, our relationships with others.

      I look forward to continuing to struggle with these issues and to continue to discuss them on this forum.

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