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  • eduardathome
    May 12, 2013
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      I should think that the anxiety is not about some “gap” but the thought of the actual absence of something.

      The “Leprechauns” is the childs’ brain’s attempt to give explanation for the absence. The brain is designed to do that sort of thing. The problem is that, as adults, we have done away with Leprechauns and such, so there isn’t an easy explanation which the brain can come up with. The brain is at a loss and cannot adequately perform its role ... thus anxiety.


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      Something as simple as a calendar not being where you remembered putting it can indeed cause anxiety. Suppose you were very preoccupied with thoughts unrelated to the calendar and put it somewhere which your memory cannot access. This even happens as children when we might attribute its 'disappearance' to Leprechauns. As an adult this absence causes anxiety because there is a lacuna in our thoughts. There is a psychic break not merely related to memory, but one which suggests the possibility of more significant gaps in reality. To contemplate the gaps is to consider nothingness.


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      > Eduard,
      > I agree the sudden loss of my calendar would not be a major tragedy in my life, so I am not anxious about the possibility of it disappearing.
      > I think anxiety is more connected with the things we value. I do suffer anxiety about things going badly for my children. We can be anxious about many things, and not just them suddenly becoming nothing, but about them remaining as something but in changed (for the worse) circumstances.
      > Jim


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