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59631Re: The Ore or Nothing

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  • fictiveparrot
    Mar 31 5:00 PM
      > In terms of physics, I would call an area
      > of space with nothing in it a vacuum.

      I think vacuum suggests less than nothing, which is why I suggested that I would think nothing is rest--without energy. Vacuum seems more like a black hole, which I believe is the opposite of something, anti-matter, to some extent. I don't see nothing like in my model.

      > I cannot see how anything – even tiny sub-atomic
      > particles – could be produced out of a vacuum.

      Well, I am not exactly sure home they make salt into those nice little crystals, but I am sure someone does. I don't know how to use machine language, but essentially I use it daily. I don't know if gawd exists or not, but I am certainly not going to base that determination on my lack of understanding. But it is also relatively easy to think of gawd.

      If nothing is REST, and not a vacuum, you might get something and its opposite from that. I don't know that I can define how any more than I can help you make salt. If you want instructions you have to read the package.

      > If there was nothing but an infinite
      > vacuum before the big bang

      I think that would be incorrect. But its just an idea.

      > ...I am not a physicist.

      You are certainly claiming a lot of underlying physics by the whole declaration of the vacuum knowledge.

      Knott Gnitt
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