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  • wsindarius
    Mar 26, 2013

      Well, that is part of the existential problem. But, after all, I only came to be, at least as a discrete individual, at a certain time. I have it on pretty good authority that the world was here before then. My mother told me so, and her advise seems to be supported by subsequent investigation.

      Your enigma is involved with the problem of presence. What is it? To what is there a presencing? Is my pure presence, as it were, different from my consciousness and from my thought? What are the distinctions? Is Being a self-present becoming to which we, and all beings, are in presentation with?

      These existential-ontological questions are always lurking in European philosophy. Being, thus understood, has been called God (the "God" of ontology) since Aristotle, and Descartes and Spinoza (and Aquinas' "5 Ways") follow suit. But, as much as I regret that traditional concept, it really isn’t much of a God. It hardly rates as the Deistic one. As Derrida and others have underscored, this God is a metaphysical shorthand for presence. Ontology as Presence.

      So your question comes down to this, for me: is your presence really yours? I am inclined to go along with such as Schelling and Hegel on this score say that Being is a self-presencing that becomes the ontological by the development of its Idea as Nature, life being one inevitability of that Idea. That is, of course, a speculation, but I am persuaded of it, with a few reservations.

      I would find it hard to believe that consciousness, and thinking, too, are unique to us; and if they are not, I would find it difficult to believe that they aren't integral to what they mirror.

      But, these speculations are just that, speculations.


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      > 'why is there Being?'

      lets not be totally stupid... I think Descartes had an interesting proposition as far as the historical bent, but had I gotten that far I could not have resisted making additional jumps -- and not to gawd...

      If there is a tree in the forest, and who cares if it falls or not, is it there if you don't exist?

      I am not saying exist in the "here and now" because that has far more difficulty. I am saying, well, if there were no point of perception, the thing cannot exist. Perhaps there is a selfish side to that which I do not see... but there is nothing -- at least from my perspective -- if I have not been here. the rest of you are theoretical.

      Wil... If you didn't 'be' is there anything?

      no... not even nothing... which takes a lot of thought to try and define.

      Knotts Knott

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