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59609Re: Guantanamo

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  • Jim
    Mar 26, 2013
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      Mary, Wil,

      This absurd situation where the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay are held outside any state, without being charged, without a trial, without any rights, seems to give empirical support to Giorgio Agamben's idea of the `Homo Sacer' or the `State of Exception' as described in those books of the same name.

      I have read `Homo Sacer' but I have to admit I struggled to understand it. Agamben seemed to be saying that it was a logical entailment of a state with laws giving rights to its citizens that the law could only be validated if there were human's who had `bare life' as beings outside the law with no rights and no recognition.

      Going back to Obama – I don't see why he cannot return the unfortunate individuals to their countries of origin – at least one is a British citizen. I would imagine that after eleven years of incarceration and possible torture, they would be broken men, incapable of taking up a life of terrorism.

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