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  • fictiveparrot
    Mar 26, 2013
      > 'why is there Being?'

      lets not be totally stupid... I think Descartes had an interesting proposition as far as the historical bent, but had I gotten that far I could not have resisted making additional jumps -- and not to gawd...

      If there is a tree in the forest, and who cares if it falls or not, is it there if you don't exist?

      I am not saying exist in the "here and now" because that has far more difficulty. I am saying, well, if there were no point of perception, the thing cannot exist. Perhaps there is a selfish side to that which I do not see... but there is nothing -- at least from my perspective -- if I have not been here. the rest of you are theoretical.

      Wil... If you didn't 'be' is there anything?

      no... not even nothing... which takes a lot of thought to try and define.

      Knotts Knott
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