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59470Doing Psychology?

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  • Dick.
    Mar 1, 2013
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      Doing Psychology?

      [ I read that most people who study psychology do it to learn about themselves, did you do it for that reason? ]

      Yes. I did. So it was not academic for me; it was a deep innate curiosity and interest. Psychology means the study of self. Psyche = Self; Ology = Study. I do not know why ALL who study it do so, but of those who I have known who did Psychology all did it because something in their life triggered that interest. Same too with me.

      In fact it was the very first thing I ever got into, and because of mystical and psychic experiences as a very young boy. So I wondered "what the hell is going on and why". Hence I started studying it. At about the same time I became interested in Politics because of the war and all the strife which was going on. But it occurred to me that the reasons for all this were also due to the psychology of other people, so it was all the same thing really.

      Up until the age of seven all I could do was to watch and listen, but as soon as I could read I read psychology books from the library. I also went to live lectures there about psychology. I did not think they would let a little boy in on his own, but they did. However MOST of my learning about Psychology was done from the Inside. The Psyche EVOLVES by way of our daily experiences being fed into it. And somehow or other it gets passed on to our progeny. There could be no evolution without that happening. But it does happens, so there you go.

      Keep in mind too that psychology is the study of self and politics is about how we decide to live, work and play together. So the two of them put together cover a lot of important ground. I have no idea as to how somebody can be alive and not study it. It seems a waste of life to me. But, plainly, some folks do psychology as a mere job. Pphhhttt:> !!! Your mind, heart and passion has to be in what you do sir.