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59463non-duality and existentialism

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  • Mary
    Feb 28, 2013

      I detected some "Zen" in your selection from Anonymous about the absurd being an awakening (#59418) but let it go, because I didn't want to assume too much :) Camus' philosophy or logic of the absurd has some superficial aspects in common with it but differs significantly in regards to attachment, transience, and hope.

      I don't subscribe to either duality or non-duality but rather a perspective gleaned from Hegel: identity in difference, unity in difference. Object and subject, as well as almost every other opposition is not merged or transcended but considered a dialectical dynamic within whole.

      No, I don't think existentialism (which Camus rejected) and non-duality are compatible except in the sense of a marriage: difference, when playful, remains. Some have attempted to draw analogies between non-duality and Heidegger and Sartre. Do you have some similar ideas, since I don't remember what they were.

      According to labels and philosophical schools there are significant differences between a non-dualist without dogma, a spiritual persona sans god, and an ethical atheist. In our everyday experiences I suspect the differences are minor and might revolve around whether one chooses political activism or letting others choose for them, a more solitary lifestyle versus one of solidarity.

      Existentialism might appear to emphasize the individual at the expense of community, seriousness at the expense of playfulness, and thinking to the exclusion of experience, but these more likely concern personality. Here again, we resonate more with specific writers than with others.

      You claimed we don't live concepts (philosophical? scientific?), but some do factor them in making decisions.


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      >I've always enjoyed Camus/Absurdity and could relate a little to some of what Nietzsche had to say. I think I've moved forevermore into the nonduality club, eastern thought sans dogma. I wonder if existentialism and nonduality make a good marriage.
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