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59462Re: Beware the new religion

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  • existlist
    Feb 27, 2013
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Jim" <jjimstuart1@...> wrote:

      > I agree with Mary that an existentialist must have some sort of connection with at least one of the main existentialist writers – Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Sartre and Camus – or with some of the ideas which have been passed on by or from these great writers.


      Hi Jim. I've always enjoyed Camus/Absurdity and could relate a little to some of what Nietzsche had to say. I think I've moved forevermore into the nonduality club, eastern thought sans dogma. I wonder if existentialism and nonduality make a good marriage.

      As for conspiracy theories, I have not ever had an interest and never took the time to investigate ANY of them EVER but lately I must admit to researching unanswered questions pertaining to the Sandy Hook incident. I have witnessed people along the way who seem to be making a religion out of conspiracy theories (especially on youtube). It's healthy to question but I see that there are some people addicted and obsessed with conspiracy theories to an unhealthy point. At least it seems so to me.

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