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59437Time AND Eternity

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  • Dick.
    Feb 23, 2013
      Time AND Eternity

      [ I like this Dick. I know I am brave enough to search for what exists.
      I HAVE searched, all my life. I have found that I am nobody that always
      IS. I'm still learning to tell the false sign posts from the true. The
      illusion grows more subtle now. As for gurus... they have their place,
      but they are not for me, not any more. Peace.]

      Ahh well, this is the WHOLE point you see bro, EVERYTHING constructed in
      TIME changes. The bloody lot of it. It is all temporary for today. Your
      body, brain, personality, ALL CHANG. And that is fine, there is nothing
      wrong in that is there. But TIME is not ETERNITY, and eternity is NOT
      time. So it is NOT true to say that ALL parts of you change. You are
      made of THREE parts. (3) the physical person on earth. (2) the SOUL or
      Subconscious (that evolves). (1) The Essence or spirit of our being,
      the primordial consciousness which exists IN ETERNITY. The I AM bit.
      That does not evolve and it does not change. Hence why the hell I keep
      saying that MAN is ever tied to the cross of TIME and Eternity. (X). AS
      for rambling on a bit, well it seems that one has to at times. For
      important points seem to so often fly over the Cuckoo's nest.

      Many years ago I had to find a way of TALKING from the first part while
      here in the third part. So I invented the term SYNETIC DIALOGUE. I
      explain it in the book. I discovered that some people had done it
      before millennia ago, but they had not explained what they were doing
      and why. So I gave it a name. Here is an example of it - - I AM always
      with you, even unto the end of time and beyond.

      Dick Richardson

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