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59430Existentialism alive

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  • William
    Feb 22, 2013
      The original existentialism is gone. After Sartre and Camus it changed, it evolved. It did not evolve as an organic whole and as the Existlist writer says it it branched into many individual philosophies. That has happned on this list to most of the persistant writers. Bookdoc went to absurdism, Eduard to Nooism, myself to Modern American Philosophy. Mary likes a leftist and Dick is a mystic. I do not think it can be argued that any of these evolutions are true to primal existentialism.
      I do not see how they could remain of pure doctrine when Existentialism is anything but a doctrinal philosophy.Time changed the existentialists and the existentialists changed existentialism. I am reminded of David Bowie and his "Turn and face the strange changes" How could an existentialiost remain doctrinare in the face of time?
      The name existentialism is weak and I think it will not last. The erosive seepage of time into modernism continues and modernism changing time has not slowed down. Look at same sex marriage a very philosophic concept that grows despite viscous attacks from the people of the past. Simple fairness demands equil fairness under the law and fair minded people rtespond to that call. Bigoted people do not respond to that demand of fairness. I doubt S artre or Camus would heve responded favorablely to same sex marriage. For Heidegger or Husseryl it would be out of the question. Time and evolution changed the existentialists and we are the existentialists it changed but same sex marriage will never be a part of the original existentialism. The big bang theory certainly moves forward the the case for atheism but the big bang theory is not part of original existentialism. Now making authentic decisions is fundamental to the original existentialism and we the present existentialists carry that burden. Deep personal responsibility for the validity of thought seems alive here as we argue about many things. I agree the thinness of proof on the internet is a problem . . Bill
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