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59421Re: The Absurd - is to be awakened

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  • devindersingh
    Feb 22, 2013
      ...the characteristic mark of the group of philosophers (and mystics)
      who are nowadays making a great noise under the name of Existentialists.
      The individual personality exists, they say, and its nature is freedom.
      In other words, it chooses, as it likes, its course of life, at every
      step, and Creates its destiny. This freedom, however, may. lead man and
      will inevitably lead him, according to one section of the group, to the
      perception and realisation of God, an infinite in which the individual
      finite lives and moves and has his being; according to others, the same
      may lead to a very different consummation, to Nothingness, the Great
      Void, Nihil. The second alternative seems to be an inevitable corollary
      of the particular conception of the individual that is entertained by
      some, viz., the individual existing only in relation to individuals.
      Indeed the leader of the French school, Jean-Paul Sartre – not a
      negligible playwright and novelist – seems to conceive the
      individual as nothing more than the image formed in other individuals
      with whom he comes in contact. Existence literally means standing out or
      outside (ex+sistet), coming out of one-self and living in other's
      consciousness – as one sees one's exact image in another's eye. It
      is not however the old-world mystic experience of finding one's self in
      other selves. For here we have an exclusively level or horizontal view
      of the human personality. To be a person, it is said, one must be apart
      from the crowd. A person is the "single one", one who has attained his
      singularity, his individual wholeness. And the life's work for each
      individual person is to make the crowd no longer a crowd, but an
      association of single ones. But how can this be done? It is not simply
      by separating oneself from the crowd, by dwelling upon oneself that one
      can develop into one's true person. The individuals, even when perfect
      single ones, do not exist by themselves or in and through one another.
      The mystic or spiritual perception posits the Spirit or God, the
      All-self as the background and substance of all the selves. Indeed, it
      is only when one finds and is identified with the Divine in oneself that
      one is in a position to attain one's true selfhood and find oneself in
      Gupta/Volume-1/-62_The%20Sanctity%20of%20the%20Individual.html--- In
      existlist@yahoogroups.com, "existlist" <hermitcrab65@...> wrote:
      > Anonymous January 14, 2013 at 5:02 PM
      > "For the actions we take to survive are simply not compatible with the
      belief that nothing matters."
      > Only the absurd man is free
      > The absurd man revolt is not a revolt of belief or questions that
      "nothing matters" only that he cannot know.
      > The absurd man is awake to the moment and does not appeal to the past
      or the future, (regret or hope) and in revolt refuses to equate any
      moment to meaning.
      > If the moment brings satisfaction or dissatisfaction that is enough,
      any attachment to the moment would be a surrender of the revolt to
      regret, hope and meaning.
      > The Absurd man is awake to the moment and does not attach himself to
      his limitations or capacities which are beyond him.
      > The absurd man lives his life because it is his life.
      > The absurd man does not identify with the ego nor does he negate it.
      > The absurd man lives his life because it is his life.
      > The Absurd – is to be awakened:
      > Hope is a fixation on a future
      > Regret a fixated on past hope
      > Reason ends in paradox and requires a leap
      > Theology ends in paradox and requires a leap
      > Every leap is a suicide
      > Expectation that the leap ends in a safe landing on firm ground is an
      > The leap is always into empty space, we are always falling.
      > We are falling
      > The Absurd holds the tension of the fall without hope, regret or
      > We fall
      > In the revolt of that awakening the absurd man realises every moment
      of the fall.
      > This is freedom, a free fall, and it is enough.
      > A belief that nothing matters is as absurd as a belief that everything
      matters but that is not were an absurd man stands. The absurd man does
      not stand but falls.

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