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59420From the foam,Bookdoc

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  • William
    Feb 21, 2013
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      We have two interlopers here,now. Neither have anything to do with existentialism. I suspect Bookdoc wrote or sponsered the post from Exislist about the absurd man. I liked it and would ask the author his thoughts on Camus.
      When the gurus tire of writing here Some existentialists might return. That fictive parrot still contributes is a very positive sign. I think it is proposed that Trinidad was the spouse of another pivotal writer. I did not know that but if I remember correctly Bookdoc had some hard battles with Trinidad. Should he get tired of poking Dick I invite Bookdoc to my site, Neoex. I will let you in and then leave you to whatever matters you deem appropriate. Good to hear from you, Bill
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