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  • devindersingh gulati
    Feb 21, 2013
      You are looking at the question of identity.
      JK is looking at the question of violence and identifies the problem as 'how large is your identification'.

      In chapter three of the Ideal of  Human Unity, Sri Aurobindo examines this matter:
      "In the relations between the individual and the group, this constant tendency of Nature appears as the strife between two
      equally deep-rooted human tendencies, individualism and collectivism. On one side is the engrossing authority, perfection and
      development of the State, on the other the distinctive freedom, perfection and development of the individual man. The State
      idea, the small or the vast living machine, and the human idea, the more and more distinct and luminous Person, the increasing
      God, stand in perpetual opposition. The size of the State makes no difference to the essence of the struggle and need make none
      to its characteristic circumstances. It was the family, the tribe or the city, the polis; it became the clan, the caste and the class, the
      kula, the gens. It is now the nation. Tomorrow or the day after it may be all mankind. But even then the question will remain
      poised between man and humanity, between the self-liberating Person and the engrossing collectivity.
      If we consult only the available facts of history and sociology, we must suppose that our race began with the all-engrossing
      group to which the individual was entirely subservient and that increasing individuality is a circumstance of human growth, a
      fruit of increasing conscious Mind. Originally, we may suppose, man was altogether gregarious, association his first necessity for
      survival; since survival is the first necessity of all being, the individual could be nothing but an instrument for the strength and
      safety of the group, and if we add to strength and safety growth, efficiency, self-assertion as well as self-preservation, this is still
      the dominant idea of all collectivism. This turn is a necessity born of circumstance and environment. Looking more into fundamental
      things we perceive that in Matter uniformity is the sign of the group; free variation and individual development progress
      with the growth of Life and Mind. If then we suppose man to be an evolution of mental being inMatter and out of Matter, we
      must assume that he begins with uniformity and subservience of the individual and proceeds towards variety and freedom of
      the individual. The necessity of circumstance and environment and the inevitable law of his fundamental principles of being
      would then point to the same conclusion, the same process of his historic and prehistoric evolution."

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      Gulati ji,
           Does an effort to know your roots or search for one's identity or even the question 'who am I?' amount to initiating a thinking of violence? Perhaps, the motive for this search may be of relevance!! Regards.
       JC Pant

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