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  • eduardathome
    Feb 13, 2013
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      I don't think it started in the 60s with riot trained troops. It started
      when the population convinced politicians that they could get voted in on a
      security ticket. And it also helped that money was flowing like water. But
      mainly it was that the silent majority felt that it was under threat. So
      the police responded as they thought appropriate. It's amazing how much
      equipment and personnel they can put on the street when there is an

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      From: William
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      Subject: [existlist] Building the perfect beast

      It seems to have started in the sixties. Police forces began building
      specialised riot squads ostensibly to defend against radicals from the
      left. They began as military trained riot troops with bayonetts and high
      powered rifles. After Kent State this prescription was changed as shooting
      college students just did not sell. So these sort of police split into the
      truncheon wielding , shield carring riot troops and the para military SWAT
      squads. We now have both kinds with the para militaries often peopled by
      former military who have particularly violent methods.
      Just as the rogue officer in Southern california these officers are double
      trained as military and as police. These are very dangerous individuals who
      can inflict massive damage . They are also the people who come back from
      war with a great deal of post traumatic stress. They get very little
      civilian repatraition as they leave the service and join police departments
      with troubles related to their military pasts. They would join the guard
      and some could relate to this lower order of militarisation but many could
      not. Reassimilation of combat personell should be as rigorious as training
      for combat. Psychological evaluation , job training and placement are just
      ignored. Moving from combat to police work needs retraining and holding
      police rank and reserve rank without such retraining courts particular
      dangers. Police work and soldiering are not the same things. Even Military
      Police and civilian police are very different matters.
      So I think the military has a duty to deprogram the poeople they have
      trained and the police have a duty to retrain entering officers when they
      have had combat backgrounds. This is a matter of public saftey just as
      getting drunks off the roads or stoping cyber criminals. One kind of soldier
      does not replace another sort without retraining. I am not saying soldiers
      should not become police . They must become civilians and then must be
      retrained to become police. If this is not recognised we will see more
      tragedy from these last returning troops. I do not want it to be harder for
      them, I want them to suceed and carry on with happy lives. This takes more
      guidance than we now provide. Bill


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