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59309Existentialist Concepts?

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  • Dick.
    Feb 7, 2013
      Existentialist Concepts?

      [ Eduard, Agreed. We don't know how a zealot or sadist makes decisions. Existentialist context is for existentialists, and there don't seem to be many left anymore. It's pointless to argue whether anyone else is acting authentically. I don't think anyone is inherently anything, and I'm not accommodating terrorists by suggesting they're bound to an ideology. Are there any existentialists concepts you agree with? Mary ]

      Well he is certainly right on that at least, they are brainwashed by an ideology. However, do a numbered list of what you see as being THE Existentialists Concepts and we can go though them one at a time. I read them all many years ago and was most amazingly unimpressed and downright bloody bored stiff. My own existentialist outlook is only one concept – I exists so what is it all about and what does life offer in the way of experience. I was asking that question, in a less sophisticated way, when I was three. So, what does it have to offer us? What have you found? I have told what I found (six books and a hundred poems and thousands of letters and emails). Now you have a go. Or are you like the gnostics and who say that they will not tell?

      Dick Richardson
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