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59307Questions for Merlin?

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  • Dick.
    Feb 6, 2013
      Questions for Merlin?

      [ I know you like a questions foremat so here goes. What is your
      comment on finding your ancient king. Was Shakespere right in painting
      him a killer and cad? Do you have US drones in England? It has come out
      that the killer drones are stationed in Saudi. The base is remote and
      secret. With your countries general acceptance of cameras, would you be
      bothered by more intrusive methods from above. And finally ,I see you
      are about to accept same sex marriage. What do you think of that? My
      state was one of the first to accept it here and we have had few
      negative repurcussions. A British view is hard to find here unless you
      want to listen to Richard Quest and he is a bit bombastic for me.
      Thanks, Bill ]

      Now now sweet pea grim William, I don't have a king. Are you still
      living in the fiftieth century lad? It seems they dug up some ancient
      bones (they are always doing that don't you know) How would I know
      who it once was? Who cares who it was? Not me, for I still have some
      skin attached to mine. But maybe not for much longer now. Who cares!

      Cameras? They can stick a camera up my arse for all I care. I have
      nothing to hide.

      Same sex marriages? HUH! I think it is only religionists who have a
      problem with homo sexuals or queers as we call them here in Albion :- )
      I have never had ANYTHING against queers, and that is a fact. I got
      accosted by some when I was a young pretty boy, just tell them no thank
      you and go away. I thought the instution of Marriage was a public
      commitment to one person. But quite often it produces progeny. I would
      like to see two queers produce prodgeny. That'll be the day :- ))) I
      am not a queer by the way; FAR from it, I like the Ladies don't you
      know. I was in love with TWO, but not at the same time :- ))) I was
      also married twice. One was a disaster and the other was bliss. Five
      progeny in all (that I know of anyway). I like the idea of marriage for
      I am the perennial romantic. And it makes life easier for the kids. You
      know what happens when somebody does not have a father don't you? ;-
      ) Oh Ker-Riced :- )))))) Nahh, it wasn't that Roman soldier it was
      godo :- )))))))

      Drones? I could not give a shit. Now, if we all blow each other up
      there would be no more rape and murder and exploitation and rivers of
      tears and mountains of pain. Sounds like a good idea to me. As for
      Richard the turd then I was not around in those days so I did not know
      him. Did you? You don't spell Shakespeare like that by the way.
      But I am not a fan of Shakespeare and never was. I like FACT not
      Fiction, and even though I did write a fiction novel just for a laugh.

      You say I am about to accept same sex marriage. Don't you mean that
      the UK is about to accept same sex marriage? Get it right! I am not the
      UK lad, I am Dick Richardson. I don't give a monkeys fuck what the
      UK do. Nor America, nor New Zealand, nor any of them.

      Now, I know that you really love old Merlin here, but lad, I am
      accounted for. Plus I am retired now. Have a nice whatever. And give my
      regards to Thomas Paine. He was English by the way. But I am not a fan
      of his either. But I am glad that all the pilgrims fucked off to the
      USA, we don't want them here amigo.

      King Richard de Merlin of Exmoor

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