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59288Reports on Mystical Experiences

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  • Dick.
    Feb 6, 2013
      Reports on Mystical Experiences

      Much research reveals that by far the majority of people who report
      first time (or only time) mystical experience are between the ages of
      twenty and fifty. Therefore they have lived a good few years without
      having encountered the phenomenon. In these cases a mystical experience
      comes very much of a shock to them. For unlike some they have not grown
      up with them. So, coming to terms with such an experience is generally
      far more difficult for them. That is why they search for others who
      have known such events.

      Some however report experiences from a very young age, but although I
      have read quite a few accounts of such they still comprise a small
      percentage of the population reporting mystical experience. It should be
      plain enough as well that so many Psychic experiences get reported as
      mystical experiences and they ARE NOT mystical experiences they are
      Psychic experiences. There is a BIG difference between the two. Fifty
      years research into this reveals that Mysticism (Mystic Experience) has
      lost its meaning. It is high time that it got its meaning back again.
      Now there is a task if you want one. But it truly does seem to be a
      fruitless task.

      Dick Richardson

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