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  • eduardathome
    Feb 5, 2013
      Yes ... what you do is what you are.

      But in this case doing something IS a threat to liberty.

      The problem is that people are weighing the event against the means to be
      implemented to possibly avoid the event in future. Eventually it will be
      all gone and we will wonder how it all happened.

      Those "security people" aren't just doing what they can. They are busily
      thinking up new ways to track the population out there and identify
      individuals who may be outside the "norm". And of course, the norm is what
      they define as the norm. What they do is "security" and this soon becomes
      an objective in itself.

      I have no doubt that emails in the US are being "filtered" according to key
      words that Homeland Security feels are indicative of terrorist inclinations.
      Certainly it is being done in Canada, although I think it is only for
      specifically targeted people at this time.

      I think there is an imbalance of event and response which is due to the
      media coverage of such as "the boy in the hole". There are something like
      315 million people in the US. So you have one 65 year old who kills a bus
      driver and kidnaps a boy. All very tragic but how many bus drivers were not
      killed and how many boys not kidnapped. That isn't to minimize the event
      but to put it into perspective. And already Bill is advocating sending up
      more drones and putting chips in the "crazies". But actually Bill is going
      further than that. He has the equation of "gun + chip = takedown". The
      only way to do that is put a chip in everyone and then a registry of arms.
      So the computer can compare the person [any person] against the list and
      then signal the takedown. It has to be that way, since there is no way of
      knowing if Mr. Average is a crazy or not. Huge loss of liberty with Big
      Brother watching over every individual.


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      From: Mary
      Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2013 1:06 PM
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      Subject: [existlist] Re: The boy in the hole

      Oh eduard. Those "security people" are just doing what they can. Shit
      happens. Not. This is why existentialism is more about 'what you can do' and
      how the personal intersects with the public than hindsight about every path
      is the same. What you think directly relates to how you act. If liberty is
      important, then what the individual does, whether a private citizen or a
      government, is important, is worth the trouble, is life and death for many.
      What's equally threatening to liberty is doing nothing.


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, eduardathome wrote:
      > You mean "Asperger's".
      > The idea of chips is disturbing. The security people won't stop until
      > they
      > have chips in everyone. Big threat to liberty.
      > eduard
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      > From: William
      > Sent: Monday, February 04, 2013 6:07 PM
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      > Subject: [existlist] The boy in the hole
      > We got the whole nut bag treatment with this story. Gun violence, veteran
      > acting out, child abduction, murder, kidnapping and suicide. It appears
      > the FBI rescued the child who had Augsburgers. This story is one of
      > modern
      > disfunctionality. and would seem to defy any conclusion or attempt at
      > prevention.
      > Remember Dirty Harry when the nut job invades the school bus? I wonder if
      > Dikes did?
      > It may be time to put up the drones and canvass the crazies all the time.
      > Can the computers do that? can the democracy stand it. We may be able to
      > detect a weapon and any perp with no gun rights could be intradicted for
      > cause. The cops stop him and confiscate his weapon and take him to a
      > treatment holding facility. It would probably require implanting a chip
      > that identifies the suspect as a mental problem. Gun plus + chip = take
      > down. I can see this shaping up and think it is big brother to the maximum
      > extent. The crazies just keep pushing the envelope of evil and is
      > actually
      > domestic terrorism. The methodes that work against Islamic terrorism
      > could work for this domestic scourge. I hate the thought of it but know
      > it will soon be proposed. A nut job with a gun will be taken down
      > automatically and we probably already have the technology with the drones.
      > Welcome to the brave new world. Bill
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      Please support the Existential Primer... dedicated to explaining nothing!

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