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59268The boy in the hole

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  • William
    Feb 4, 2013
      We got the whole nut bag treatment with this story. Gun violence, veteran acting out, child abduction, murder, kidnapping and suicide. It appears the FBI rescued the child who had Augsburgers. This story is one of modern disfunctionality. and would seem to defy any conclusion or attempt at prevention.
      Remember Dirty Harry when the nut job invades the school bus? I wonder if Dikes did?
      It may be time to put up the drones and canvass the crazies all the time. Can the computers do that? can the democracy stand it. We may be able to detect a weapon and any perp with no gun rights could be intradicted for cause. The cops stop him and confiscate his weapon and take him to a treatment holding facility. It would probably require implanting a chip that identifies the suspect as a mental problem. Gun plus + chip = take down. I can see this shaping up and think it is big brother to the maximum extent. The crazies just keep pushing the envelope of evil and is actually domestic terrorism. The methodes that work against Islamic terrorism could work for this domestic scourge. I hate the thought of it but know it will soon be proposed. A nut job with a gun will be taken down automatically and we probably already have the technology with the drones. Welcome to the brave new world. Bill
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