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59265Re: [existlist] Re: When the World has Gone

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  • eduardathome
    Feb 4, 2013
      Abusive language is not an argument.

      Even if one were to say that there is only "one" in this purgatory, it still
      leaves open the question of "why?" Why would there be a special place where
      the dead go to in order to be one with the IT and to perceive whatever that
      is now gone?? In reality, the dead go nowhere other than to mix with the
      rest of biosphere ... except of course those who are interred in a steel
      waterproof coffin, in which case it is only delayed.

      [However, for us they are no longer here so they are dead
      and gone. But that is from our perspective not theirs. But from their
      perspective then The World has Gone and we have gone and all of the
      things of the world have gone.]

      People who die are ... dead. There is no perceiving even if it is of things
      now gone. In order to perceive that all things in the world have gone, that
      requires a judgment and therefore a brain. I hate to point this out that
      when you die, so does your brain. A dead body can't have a perspective.
      You are advocating a fantasy that is on the same level as the death doctrine
      of some religions.


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      From: Dick.
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      No. There is only ONE there, and we are all IT.

      You love to show off your blindness and ignorance to everybody don't you.
      And you seem to be mighty proud of it. So best go play with your marbles in
      the kindergarten with the babes. I have given you far more than enough links
      and opportunities to read ALL of it. But in your case, and Bills, it is a
      waste of time and effort. But I tell you this, everything goes back to from
      whence it comes. Eventually. And that includes you.

      Dick Richardson

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, eduardathome wrote:

      So the dead have a "perspective". Why?? Why would such a process be
      created in the first place?? What purpose does it serve?? If you consider
      the accumulated dead, you would have perhaps something like 10 billion
      people sitting [do dead people sit?] in this sort of nether place or
      elsewhere perceiving the gone World. And then if you consider that we are
      evolved from lower species, one would have to put all the dead sentient life
      forms into this purgatory. Must amount to hundreds of trillions. Doesn't
      make much sense.



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