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59255Re: [existlist] When the World has Gone

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  • eduardathome
    Feb 3, 2013
      [However, for us they are no longer here so they are dead
      and gone. But that is from our perspective not theirs. But from their
      perspective then The World has Gone and we have gone and all of the
      things of the world have gone.]

      So the dead have a "perspective". Why?? Why would such a process be
      created in the first place?? What purpose does it serve?? If you consider
      the accumulated dead, you would have perhaps something like 10 billion
      people sitting [do dead people sit?] in this sort of nether place or
      elsewhere perceiving the gone World. And then if you consider that we are
      evolved from lower species, one would have to put all the dead sentient life
      forms into this purgatory. Must amount to hundreds of trillions. Doesn't
      make much sense.


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      From: Dick.
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      Subject: [existlist] When the World has Gone

      When the World has Gone

      [ So many people have so many beliefs, or hopes, as to what will happen
      to them when they die. But you call the event which you speak of as The
      Mystic Death and you speak of when the world has gone. I don't know
      anybody who uses the term when the world has gone. ]

      You do know one. However, to address the term....

      When a critter you know is no longer here the common term is that they
      are dead. And true enough many people do hold many different BE-LIEFS
      about that; and I have always wondered why they do that. But none of my
      business is it. However, for us they are no longer here so they are dead
      and gone. But that is from our perspective not theirs. But from their
      perspective then The World has Gone and we have gone and all of the
      things of the world have gone.

      I have never talked about NOT EXISTING. And the reason for that is that
      I have never experienced Not Existing. Have you? Has anybody? How could
      something experience not existing if they are not extant?

      However, in The Mystic Death then the world is gone. Or to put it in the
      local vernacular the world ain't there anymore; it is GONE. Such an
      experience is quite a shock for while.

      But I can only talk of this from the personal experience of it, and for
      me the event of the world being gone was just the start of a journey. I
      have written much about that journey and also of the final destination.
      You can read it if you are interested. But will all that apply to you
      when the world has gone? You will have to wait and see will you not. The
      implication is that it will. But implications do not interest me. It is
      things which HAPPEN that interest me. Also, it is the effects of that
      experience which interest me far more than what that experience does.
      But if the world has ever been gone for you for three hours or more then
      you are free to talk and write about it, as am I. And by that I do not
      mean being asleep and unconscious; which happens every night :- )

      But the major personal effect for me was to make me realise just how
      important and wonderful the world is, and every moment which I exist on
      it. And of course what we do while here and why we do it. I was still
      very young and hardly mature at twenty four, and that was a long time
      ago and much has happened since then. But out of all that I have
      learned a lot. But the only advice I hand out to people if they ask me
      is to not carry any remorse into that journey with you. I had none then
      and I have none now. Such an event is also a major boost to one's
      own personal evolution of awareness – in the Process of Being and

      So, to go and not come back is called DEATH, and to go and then come
      back again is called The Mystic Death. But the REAL death is when
      consciousness is switched off. But in my case consciousness was switched
      back on again (in the Eternity of the Ground of Being; not here). But I
      then came back here. So one also has to call it The Mystic Death and
      Resurrection of Consciousness. But later there was another experience
      more important than any of that. I wrote about that too. But as I said
      at the time, writing about that will be a waste of time and it will be
      two bridges too far. And that proved to be true. And I tell them what
      they can do with their Be-Liefs in no short measure if they throw them
      at me. So, best not talk about any of it at all, for this world is
      interested in Be-Liefs and Money and Power; not LIFE. Have a nice
      life. I AM is about Life not Death. And I AM life.


      Dick Richardson

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