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  • eduardathome
    Feb 3, 2013
      Or perhaps it's all an illusion. You just think you jumped from here to
      there, and when you jump back you convince yourself that you have been
      somewhere. Like, I can jump to Cuba and convince myself I was warm for a
      moment or so.


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      Subject: [existlist] Re: [TheBecoming] Re: [Wisdom-l] anadi - layers of the

      The Transcendental can be reached only in the transcen­dental way, not by
      pursuing the normal track, continuing the habitual line of gradual growth
      and development. The mea­sures – the tensor and vector, to use again a
      jargon, a mathe­matical one – of the mental consciousness do not apply
      there. There is a cut, a gap, a hiatus between Here and There; one has to
      take a leap to cross over. Nature herself has adopted that procedure. She
      has risen from stage to stage through successive leaps, per salturn. Man has
      to do the same but con­sciously. He has to jump over and land on the other
      side with the head foremost and down, in other words, there is to be a
      reversal of consciousness; you stand on your head: you do not move
      clock-wise but perhaps anti-clockwise. You see things with another eye, the
      third eye – wide extended in heaven, as the Vedic Rishi says ― you look from
      above down. Things take a different shape and value. The world is
      constructed in another way.
      They said: Seek the one inalienable invariable Truth, leave all the rest
      aside, concentrate on that one thing alone. Even, they added, the rest is
      Maya, illusion, unreal, false.
      They were terribly radical, iconoclasts. Cut away, they said, this world,
      this humanity, this nature. Go beyond into the transcendent. First enter and
      establish yourself there. That is the Supreme God, that is the own home of
      Truth. Cling to that unshakable status, thereafter only you can know of
      other things, then only you will know what to reject, what to accept,
      otherwise you will live in a glimmering mid-world of half­truths.
      However, the Transcendent is also here within you. But to reach there too,
      the procedure is the same ― to jump over and stand on your head. How to do?
      Something of that acrobatics is taught by what is called in India ―Yoga.

      From: Bhanu Padmo <greenbhanu@...>
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      Sent: Friday, 25 January 2013 9:40 PM
      Subject: [TheBecoming] Re: [Wisdom-l] anadi - layers of the heart

      PAT LOUISE DAVIES :Do you think it is the heart of the 'ego' that is
      What does it mean for a heart to be 'broken'?

      BHANU :Ego
      and Heart-Metaphor. The first
      paragraph outlines the perceptional and conceptional processes in which a
      adapts to an expanded world view to capture truth.

      Let*s check out the
      meaning of key terms viz. ego, actuality, reality, truth and wisdom to
      facilitate the discussion that is intended after interpreting the metaphor

      Ego is entity*s
      system of perception that begins with the I-feeling. Variegated perceptions
      ought to be integrated to assemble a meaning. The I-feeling is the symbol of
      perceptional integration and subjective integrity.

      Actuality is the
      immediate perception or the outermost manifestation. Actuality is
      supported by underlying causal layers of differing depth which is
      to magnitude of its inherent causality. In other words, deeper the causal
      layer, more profound (more fundamental) is its causality.

      Thus a phenomenon may
      be seen as a multi-layered thick slab whose top layer is actuality. Any of
      layers including the actuality-layer is a reality that harbors causality
      differing in profundity or fundamentality, in increasing order downwards.
      unbroken connective line of causality across the layers of reality is the
      phenomenal truth.

      Wisdom is ego*s
      penetrative vision. Its index is the number of sighted layers of reality.
      view expands at exponential rate (square rate, cube rate etc) with discovery
      the next layer of reality/ causality.

      After a while, the
      growing world view becomes unwieldy for ego (the system of perception). Thus
      inherent wisdom creates rather a constructive problem that would be overcome
      with augmentation of existing wisdom.

      The process of such
      intellectual augmentation calls for integral reorganization of the vast
      world of emotion that would include manipulation of labyrinthine memories.
      Naturally, entity*s center of emotive gravity would be under extreme stress
      this coping period which possibly would witness intellectual augmentation.

      Heart is the metaphor
      for that emotive centroid that is confronting the emotive contingency. A
      broader meaning of ego could include this center of emotive gravity and in
      a case, the metaphor *heart* could indeed be paraphrased as *heart of ego*.

      PAT LOUISE DAVIES :And who is the 'we' before and after 'heartbreak' in
      para #2 above?
      (Are those our 'egos'?)

      BHANU :That is simple. The intellectually/
      emotionally crippled onlookers of other*s sufferings. This *other* has a
      special meaning that explains why and how such onlookers are so crippled.
      Surreptitiously implanted selfish racial genes cause these onlookers to be
      empathetic towards people of own race and to be marginally sympathetic
      people of another race. Here sympathy stands for *disguised pretension*.
      Those are
      the racial/ racist egos of the onlookers.

      (Bhanu Padmo)
      may reply this thread upon http://in.groups.yahoo.com/group/greenlogic/
      as well
      or consign a copy to greenlogic@... for extended


      Wed, 1/23/13, Pat Louise
      Davies <pld@...>wrote:

      From: Pat Louise Davies <pld@...>
      Subject: [Wisdom-l] open heart Re: Adyashanti from Falling into Grace
      To: Wisdom-l@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2013, 10:41 AM

      As some friends go
      thru some deep suffering, this quote was inspiring. Some phrase
      below were especially so for me ~ Thank you, PL
      ---------- ( questions below...)

      ..."The deeper
      we see into the reality of things, the more out heart opens to include
      everything, because if we're really feeling into our deepest reality and
      the heart isn't something that would want to escape from what is here and
      rather, our hearts are already embracing everything. We can allow our hearts
      be big enough to be broken...."

      ..."There is
      nobility and beauty even when human beings are suffering. Our hearts do not
      want them to suffer; we want to save them, but the heartbreak is that we
      do that. The quality of our love, the openness of our heart, still does have
      profound effect on the world and others in it. Our hearts just can't control
      it†nor would they ever want to."

      The questions :

      Do you think it is the heart of the 'ego' that is
      What does it mean for a heart to be 'broken'?

      And who is the 'we' before and after 'heartbreak' in
      para #2 above?
      (Are those our 'egos'?)

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