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  • eduardathome
    Feb 2, 2013
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      Although there is no grand purpose in it all, and you do what you can, it is
      also possible to conceive of some objective of your own that makes the
      living years more interesting.


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      From: William
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      Subject: [existlist] Re: Map

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, eduardathome wrote:
      > [What else can I do? ]
      > Nothing. You are flowing with time and as much as a bubble forms out of
      > hot
      > water.
      > Time is the fire in which we burn.
      > eduard
      > Eduard, a bubble, indeed. In a sense we are the fuel that stokes the fire
      > but not much more. So here I begin to have agreement with Dick when he
      > says just enjoy what you can. He likes to see us as endless worriers so
      > that is why I posted MAP. Once you have it figured out to your stisfaction
      > you can be light as that bubble you speak of. If you pop you don`t have to
      > care at all, ever again. Mary remains serious with her causes and that is
      > why I invite her to explain why . Not that she has to, but I would be
      > interested. I retain a sense of revenge against those who threatned and
      > even harmed me. I still have a Liddy list and know he devised that
      > contrivance from FN. I do not let it eat me but given a chance I would
      > enjoy coring someones apple.I have few now that would claim this negative
      > attention it is all fading into a homogenous past. That bit from Jerimiah
      > Johnson was a product of such an attitude. I meant to convey his attitude
      > of nonchalance. Alone in the cold in the
      mountains who knows what happned or how long ago. It is just in your
      neurons as the tracks in the snow are all obliterated by wind and ice and
      more snow. If you can like your bubble then good for you . I feel a bit old
      to begin a new life quest but I had one and I answered mine. Bill
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      > From: William
      > Sent: Friday, February 01, 2013 12:01 PM
      > To: existlist@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [existlist] Map
      > Now I want to talk about where we are going.This is like the moment in the
      > Hunchback of Notre Dame when Quasimodo appears,the audience gasps.For you
      > flat earth devotees and terra centrics let us examine where we are going
      > in
      > terms of where we are.No one wants to accept a relative view but what
      > is
      > your static point?
      > The earth is rotating at 25000 mph around its own axis. We travel more
      > than
      > a billion years per annum in our race around the sun .The sun is moving at
      > huge angular velocity around the center of the galaxy and the galaxys are
      > flying away from each other fast enough to cause their light to red
      > shift.Even though we move in all these various directions and speeds they
      > add up to only a change of day to night to us as observers.
      > In our old earth centered view of the universe man ,the only rational
      > animal,was the big deal.The infallible ideas of popes and the power
      > driven
      > will of kings consigned the individual to wrote learning and obedience.
      > When we place ourselves in the world that science reveals to us, we see
      > that
      > thought can lead us to extinction as well as prominance.Jeffersons
      > brillient
      > idea of democratic consensus promoting peace and progress must operate in
      > the clear light of reality.WW 2 was our first look at the wildly
      > destructive side of high science. Hiroshima was shocking . Bikini atoll
      > awe
      > inspiring and Schumacher Levi`s date with Jupiter left no doubt that
      > massive
      > forces can decimate us all.We are in a big show and can ill afford an
      > innorant, superstitous leadership.
      > Now for quasimodo. Where am I going? I am going to die. What will I know
      > then, I will know nothing.After centuries of priestly hand holding ,
      > mankind
      > was presented the truth by the phenominologists,existentialists and yes,
      > the
      > nihilists. The shock killed many of tham by suicide drugs and
      > alcohol.Raised
      > catholic I was taught I was a child of god and an heir to heaven. It took
      > me
      > years of excuse making to accept my personal mortality. For a time I
      > thought of Chardins hyperpersonalisation as an escape, Bullshit. Then I
      > postulated that thought goes on forever into space to be followed back by
      > a
      > superior species who would reincarnate me.Why should they give a damn if
      > they are that superior. I even decided I could put my mind into a
      > computer
      > and clone my body and then download my brillience into a new and viril
      > self. I think all this sort of foolishness derives from our survival
      > instinct and who knows we may learn to survive for a very long time.
      > Earth,however will die when the sun
      > goes Nova. What a fine word,Nova, from the latin for "New". The atoms of
      > our ashes will be blasted into intersteller space to reform into something
      > or someone post nova. I can now live with that. What else can I do?
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      Please support the Existential Primer... dedicated to explaining nothing!

      Home Page: http://www.tameri.com/csw/existYahoo! Groups Links
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