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  • Mary
    Feb 2, 2013
      But what does this exchange mean, eduard, in terms of existentialism or in relation to what transpires in the course of the film? What themes in the movie engaged you?


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, eduardathome wrote:
      > Bill,
      > Do you have the right quote?? As much as I can get on the movie is ...
      > Bear Claw Chris Lapp: You've come far pilgrim.
      > Jeremiah Johnson: Feels like far.
      > Bear Claw Chris Lapp: Were it worth the trouble?
      > Jeremiah Johnson: What trouble?
      > eduard
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      > From: William
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      > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Mary" wrote:
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      > > Bill and eduard,
      > >
      > > My Average Philosophy. I'm an existentialist because neither science nor
      > > love solve all. I'm an existentialist because I have to make decisions
      > > never having all the information. I'm an existentialist because I am what
      > > I do; I'm my ongoing history of actions. My average philosophy is boring
      > > to most men, so I'll not subject you to it. I accept the joy of freedom
      > > and the terror of responsibility and live in the absurd tension between
      > > hope and resignation.
      > >
      > > Mary
      > >Mary, that is a simple and profound statement. I consider it exceptional.
      > >My MAP is written as a proof against the prior religions and baseless
      > >philosophies that plagued the individual. Certainly we are not in the cat
      > >bird seat. but we,the existentialists, have pulled togeather enough of a
      > >knowledge base to at least understand our precarious position.
      > I remember a woman on her bloody knees crawling to a western mexico
      > church. She had crawled for better than twenty miles as penance. At that
      > moment I was most happy to know what I did, understood what my map
      > presented to me. I wanted to lift her up and explain but knew I would only
      > make it worse. When I see the products of the old world philosophies I know
      > I have had a better course. Compaired to that indian woman I am a superman,
      > an often sad,depressed superman but never the less more in charge of my
      > reality. As Wil Gear said to Robert Redford in Jeramiah Johnson ," Youve
      > come a far piece pilgrim". Redford replies"It dont seem far" . Bill
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