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  • William
    Feb 1 12:50 PM
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      Once you have orientated in this Map there is no lack of responsibility You are in chage of your ship and I am in charge of mine.If you start feeling self important look at the sea after a ship goes down.It does not miss a wave let alone a tide. Between now and death what could be in store? In college I had a debate about the chance of repetative history. Thinking scientifically a moments reality equils the sum of all atomic movements from the moment before.Linear time seems a one way progression with randomness dictating no repetition except for very small homogenous atomic samples. Randomness also negates the possibility of predicting the future. People of faith believe in prophesy As a nihilist I can only guess at probability. It seems we have a major impact , an asteroid or big meteor every one hundred million years. The one that probably did in the dinosaurs happned sixty five million years ago. About all that can be said is that such an impact can happen at any time.I see us as a target waiting for the inevatable hit. We cannot retreat into the past and we cannot predict the future. I think the American People deserve praise for their steadfast adherance to their democrecy during these bloody centuries. I hope we are all paid in the coin of personal freedom. A Modern American Philosophy may be short on faith but it has no end of hope. So many fine Americans have accomplished so much, we carry their hope in our genes. Bill
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