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  • Dick.
    Feb 1, 2013
      I have given you that which no physical eye can see and which no ear has
      heard; that which no hand has touched and which has never occurred to
      the rational incarnate discursive mind. Thus there are to be found such
      treasures in life. To an extent such things are defiled by the very act
      of our talking of them: but it matters not that we are unworthy in our
      individual affirmation in dialogue as yet; for that which IS in the
      Ground of Being does not talk. What is befitting however, is that that
      which IS learns to sing the song; for Love is resonance within a system
      which is devoid of harmonics, in which all movement and understanding is
      of one frequency and accord with the fundamental foundation of all
      movement and being in the Ground of Being. And Wisdom is knowing it.
      Prepare yourself therefore for that which is, and always has been, and
      always will be so. The end is as the beginning, and the beginning as the
      end; the circle is only breached by a gap of no duration; the gap
      through which one Universe of perception joins the other beyond the veil
      of Time and changing events. And thus it is found to be and affirmed to
      BE SO. Therefore Know Thy SELF. The Essence of yourself. The bit that
      never changes and will never be found on earth or in time. These things
      are NOT for believing, they are for KNOWING.

      Prepare yourself therefore lest these things be made known unto you this
      day. Prepare yourself lest they should not: for YOU ARE The Watcher at
      the Gates of Dawn; the first judge of existence, and with that eternal
      timeless understanding and primordial passion which is found at the dead
      centre of our being where all things meet in the Essence of the SELF
      beyond the boundary of Time; in Eternity. There are many things which
      we each need in this temporal existence other than love, that passion
      for being; but without that passion, they amount to nothing; and we
      would all walk empty of purpose. It matters not as to whether you
      attain to finding that dimension of existence during this lifetime or
      not if that passion and caring which is within you is utilised now; for
      you are it anyway, whether you know it or not, remember it or not. For
      what could be even more important than knowing it? Using it is. And in
      using it you are preparing yourself. And that is the message which the
      mystics offer you throughout all time; that you may arrive before them.
      So may the power of Love be with you now and always.

      The Mind and Conscious of Man is ever tied to the cross of Time and
      Eternity, and it encompasses BOTH. A great wonder, my friend, is YOU.


      * * *

      Dick Richardson

      Exmoor, West Somerset, UK.

      http://www.psychognosis.net <http://www.psychognosis.net/>

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