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  • Dick.
    Feb 1, 2013
      Ref Face Book

      Dick Richardson story for Facebook friends.

      This time yesterday morning I had no friends, for they were all dead.
      This time today I have about forty of them :- ) after being conned into
      joining it. Crazy world eh.

      Born: Tottenham, North London, 1st November 1938. Left London when
      seventeen and went to live on Exmoor in various places in North Devon
      and West Somerset, always near the Exmoor National Park and the Atlantic

      Did three years in the army from 17 to 20 (1956-1959) in the Royal
      Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME). Was posted after trade
      training to Instow Camp in North Devon where the Torridge River meets
      the River Taw. Just a few miles west of Exmoor. Got married (first
      time) on my twentieth birthday. Got married the second time when I was
      36. Had five children and one foster child; plus grandchildren and
      great-grandchildren. Life keeps one busy :- )

      Author of : The Psychognosis Event and the Dignity Man. Also: The
      Mystical Gnosis Event and the Human Situation. Plus a book of Poems. See

      http://www.psychognosis.net <http://www.psychognosis.net/>

      also - http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/The_Psychognosis_Archive/

      Also did a fictional trilogy – The Aldeen Ordinance


      So life has exceptional experiences to reveal to us in the unfolding of
      human conscious awareness in the BECOMING process, and I thought it
      worthwhile to write about them.

      Busy uploading pictures of Exmoor on Facebook now. That will take a
      couple of days while it is raining :- )))

      Sincere Regards

      Dick Richardson. aka dubbed by Americans as Merlin of Exmoor.

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