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  • William
    Jan 31, 2013
      Matter, it does matter.The periodic table of elements is full . We know what the universe is made of and where the various elements were formed in different kinds of stars.
      Size, size matters . One size does not fit all .The Hubble Space Telescope sees even more up scale than an electron microscope does down scale.In summary we know who we are and where and when we are . That`s a long line of progress back to huddling in the forest fearing almost everything as unknown. Fear shocks us into inactivity ,ignorance and submission.Those who use fear to block progress are the true enemies of an intelligent species.
      Where did I come from? The answer to this question has inflamed the boundry between religion and science even more than Galileo did with his heliocentric theory.Darwin started it, and modern archeologists and paleoanatomists have finished it. We evolved not from monkeys but from non cellular protiens which began the biohistory of the earth. These compounds appear today in the super thermal vents on the modern sea floor.We have the whole phylogenetic sequence complete with carbon 14 dates as temporal sign posts. It does not have to be believed,it is known. Nihilism,defined as the absence of all belief, is possible for those individual risk takers ready to accept the truth.I came from the stars ,the elements of the molocules of my body being thrown out of supernovi billions of years ago.We know the cosmic,geologic and biologic evolution of the animate and inanimate things of this planet.To believe for the security of past security is intellectual cowardice. To profit from spreading false beliefs is cultural fraud. The lame argument that less intelligent people need the creation myth to support their slight hold on reality is bunk.Evoloution is a story whose characters were or are all real.It can be told simply or in complex detail.Either way it holds togeather because it is real and the truth.If the fundamental ideas of a persons life are lies how can a person relate sucsusfully to the persons and things around him?If his false mentors hold him in terror of devels,hell and sin,how can an individual plan reasonable goals and live a reasonable happy life? How can those of us who know better quietly watch as more lies and liars are added to the culture? A Map can help. Our Map must not only state where we came from physically but intellectually. As americans our heritage is one of individual freedom as proposed by Jefferson and fought for by Washington. We came here to be free from despots both secular and religous. we have made great progress by capitalising on reality and truth. Those seeking profit through lies and false social control must be argued down, voted down and their minds must be changed.Our constitution allows people to say and believe what they wish but public dissenimation of ignorance,lies and bogotry must be assailed with knowledge truth and tolerance.
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