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59183How best to live life?

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  • Dick.
    Jan 29, 2013
      How best to live life?

      [ There are always plenty of people around who tell us how best to live
      life. Does anybody ever take any notice of them? ]

      :- ) It must have started in the caves. I think that some people must
      take notice of some of them. For look at all the agony aunts,
      philosophers, and religions which some follow; and to say nothing of
      aping pop stars :- ) But you have probably noticed that none of your
      children ever ask you :- ) Neither did I ever ask anyone. Neither do I
      ever tell anybody. Had there have been a perfect fool-proof formula then
      we would have all heard about it by now :- ) But a formula to what end
      and why?

      I started out in life with only two agendas, one was trying to survive
      in a very hostile environment and the other was to learn whatever I
      could learn, for the former seemed natural enough and latter fascinated
      me. Also tried to develop whatever talents seemed that might be lurking
      there so that I could use them. But in doing that one learns all sorts
      of things and in so doing I gradually came into my own way of living
      life and going about things. It has done OK for seventy five years :- )
      And I enjoyed it too, but enjoyment or happiness was not something I
      ever sought after for it was not missing; just there naturally. Just
      not the miserable and depressive type I guess. But it sure is not my
      place to tell other people how best to live their lives here. And as you
      say, there are already far more than enough of them doing that :- ) I
      tried to pass on a few tips of things to avoid (from hindsight) to the
      kids. But I don't think they take any notice anyway :- ) But they
      are doing OK. They will probably do the same for their kids too. Seems
      to me that in perhaps many cases it is trying to be happy which makes
      them miserable : - ) But if so then there must be a lesson in that too.
      But for those who say that it is only tomorrow which matters then I
      suppose they don't learn any lessons from their past. That sure does
      not sound very smart to me. Truly has everything which I have ever
      learned been learned in my past. Not tomorrow. Tomorrow is a mystery
      yet to unfold. As is the rest of today.

      Dick Richardson

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