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59147Re: [existlist] Re: On getting old and dying?

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  • eduardathome
    Jan 25, 2013
      [But it's a fact: if nothing, absolutely nothing in you consents to die, you
      will not die.]

      Astounding. You are saying that my neighbour who died of a heart attack;
      died because he was a defeatist or lazy. Where do you get this stuff??


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      From: devindersingh
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      Subject: [existlist] Re: On getting old and dying?

      Some people, when they are about to die, are aware of it. Why don't they
      tell the genius [of death] to go away?

      Two things are needed. First, nothing in your being, no part of your
      being, should wish to die. That doesn't often happen. You always have,
      somewhere in you, a defeatist: something tired or disgusted, which has
      had enough, something lazy or which doesn't want to fight and says, 'Ah,
      well, let it be over, so much the better.' That's enough - you're dead.

      But it's a fact: if nothing, absolutely nothing in you consents to die,
      you will not die. For someone to die, there is always a second, if a
      hundredth part of a second, when he consents. If there isn't that second
      of consent, he will not die. But who is certain he doesn't have within
      himself, somewhere, a tiny bit of a defeatist which just yields and
      says, 'Oh well'?

      ... Hence the need to unify oneself. Whatever the path we may follow,
      the subject we may study, we always reach the same result. The most
      important thing for an individual is to unify himself around his divine
      center; that way he becomes a real individual, master of himself and of
      his destiny. Otherwise, he is a plaything of the forces, which toss him
      about like a cork in a stream. He goes where he doesn't want to, is made
      to do what he doesn't want to, and finally he gets lost in a hole
      without any way to stop himself doing so. But if you are consciously
      organized, unified around the divine center, governed and led by it, you
      are the master of your destiny. It's worth trying.... At any rate, I
      find it's better to be the master rather than the slave.


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Dick." wrote:

      > On getting old and dying?
      > [ Getting old and dying must be something which most people dread and
      > don't like to think about. What is it like Merlin? How does getting
      > old effect the Merlin? ]
      > What; getting old or dying? :- ))) Well, getting old is a very
      > state of being than was the hey-day of youth :- ) But it is inevitable
      > if you live here long enough; for that is what happens. The body
      > eventually says Oh sod it :- ) But I suppose it would only be a
      > if somebody wanted to do the same things which they did in their
      > and I sure don't. But it is still a thrill to see the sun shining on
      > the snow, as it is here right now. Just been sitting out in the garden
      > under the apple trees having a beer in the snow. All the birds are
      > singing, the sun looks very pretty on the snow and putting your pint
      > glass down in the snow keeps the beer cool in the sun. So getting
      > for me anyway (can't speak for others) does not take away the fun
      > and enjoyment of being here. One of the things which really amazes me
      > as to how a body can work fine and get nothing wrong with it for
      > years. When you think of all the things that could go wrong with it
      > that is quite amazing. But when is one actually old? As I have said
      > before, consciousness does not age and I am still The Watcher at the
      > Gates of Dawn, where there is no eve, no noon, or morn. (c) Merlin of
      > Exmoor. Man, you should see what they have done with my poem on the
      > internet and all the pictures they have put with it; tis so funny :-
      > But, I don't know, maybe if somebody keeps dwelling upon what they
      > cannot do now, and whilst keep wanting to do it, then maybe that
      > the moment for them. But I am not afflicted with that. So, being old
      > just another state of being here. But I was young once so I did not
      > miss out on that :- ))) I hope they do not miss the chance of getting
      > old. It seems sad to me that many bugger off from here while still
      > and without the chance of living it. But age is one thing and how old
      > you feel is another. I don't feel old. But then again I don't
      > really know how one is supposed to feel at this age. Nobody told me :-
      > I will see if I can find an instruction book. But the body is one
      > and the mind is another. And so long as you know which is which, then
      > no problem :- ))) As for the other bit then I will tell you what
      > to me when I get there; I can't see into my future :- )
      > Merlin (x)

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