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59142Re: [existlist] Re: Consciousness requires a brain?

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  • eduardathome
    Jan 25, 2013
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      I can appreciate that if one has a particular belief system or path of
      inquiry, it can be rewarding for the person who does it. If I were to say
      that I try to commune with the pink elephants on the dark side of Pluto, it
      probably would be personally rewarding in some fashion ... otherwise I would
      not do it. But the question is "what is the value", and in this sense the
      value to others. That is why I pointed out that some mystics [so-called]
      have shown themselves more inclined to collecting Rolls-Royces. In the end,
      they are not providing any value to others, but actually have an negative
      value. Granted that only applies to a few which may not be general.
      Albeit, their example does cause a certain hostility against mysticism.

      Jesus could be considered a mystic, if one looks at his role as that of a
      teacher/rabbi instead of somehow a combination of Father Son and Holy Ghost.
      Jesus can be considered a mystic for reason of his attempts of communion
      with god and the transcendental. At least as supposed according to the
      gospels. One could well ask the question as to whether the product provided
      by Jesus, in his role of mystic, was of value to the world. The main
      product from Jesus was his statement that one should love others as
      yourself. I don't take this as a product of mysticism, since it could be
      said by anyone without being a mystic. The other product of Jesus was his
      forecast of the coming of the Kingdom of God. This could be considered as a
      product of mysticism, but it lead nowhere and perhaps is negative
      considering what the church latter made of it. Was it of value?? Perhaps
      for the Christians of the era who were looking for some out of their pain,
      but I would suggest that in the long run it has not been of value to

      So we get back to Salam. What product did he produce in his role as mystic
      that was of value??


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      From: Dick.
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      Subject: [existlist] Re: Consciousness requires a brain?

      It did the same for him as it does for anybody else. Try Ralph Vaughan
      Williams as another example. It enhances ones awareness and the senses
      and also reveals senses that you didn't know you had. It also
      enhances the intellect. It also depends on how many doses you have and
      to what inner depth they go. We are made of far more than you seem to
      realise, and all you have to do is use it. It is the steps to the new
      species of Man. Homo Ensophicus. Evolution goes on. Being and Becoming.


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, eduardathome wrote:
      > It's still a car; whether it be my car, your car, your friend's car
      or the
      > firm's car. The point being that the driving experience does not
      > elsewhere in something other than what might identify as a car.
      > don't object that it might be a truck or a scooter ... you are well
      aware of
      > my meaning. That consciousness occurs in the brain is obvious because
      > has not been shown that one can be conscious through some object or
      > elsewhere. If you can identify by what other object or means you can
      > conscious of something, other than by your brain, please do so.
      > What did Salam do?? The question here is the value of mysticism.
      What did
      > Salam do in the realm of mysticism?? Sure he did a lot in the realm
      > physics. Where you are going with this is like assessing the worth of
      > Currie's cooking because she also did a lot of important scientific
      > You can't separate the woman from the pot.
      > Yes, I "know" Jesus from a book. Actually, more than one. And of
      course he
      > is commonly mentioned in Western culture. So that is the answer. How
      > you answering my question as to what was of value from Salam being a
      > eduard
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      > From: Dick.
      > Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2013 12:37 PM
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      > Subject: [existlist] Re: Consciousness requires a brain?
      > NO. How and why is it obvious? Also I have had driving experience
      > was not in my car. It was a friends car or a hired car of the firms
      > Tell me sir, DO YOU HAVE A BRAIN? And you still did not tell me how
      > know to know of this jesus bloke. Did you get it from a book?
      > As for Salam then he was a man and a mystic. You cannot sepperate the
      > two. Have you done as much as he did? No. Anyway, if you have a
      > then what owns it? What is the YOU which has a brain? It is all down
      > godo, it is all down to the brain. You belief this you belief that. Oh
      > give me a rest from it all. What have you had to eat today? Did you
      > it? Surely must must know something. If not then what is the good of
      > having a brain or being a brain? Oh my gawd there are some smart
      > here. Shall we talk about the weather?
      > rwr
      > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, eduardathome wrote:
      > >
      > > "So, if I were to ask you what is it that has conscious experience
      > > would say the brain. You talk of proof. Has that been proved or do
      > > just believe it."
      > >
      > > Isn't it sort of obvious. If I say I have a conscious experience,
      > where
      > > else would this occur other than in the brain?? Are you suggesting
      > that the
      > > conscious experience can occur elsewhere??
      > >
      > > If I say I have a driving experience then can it be said that this
      > > experience occurs other than in my car. Do I need to prove this??
      > >
      > > eduard

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