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  • William
    Jan 25, 2013
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      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, eduardathome wrote:
      > [Now that Prince Harry machine gunned people I think the anti killing taboo
      > is falling rapidly.]
      > The comment attributed to Harry ... "I've killed Taliban" ... in 2" letters
      > on the front page of the Daily Mirror shows that the British yellow press is
      > alive and well. I don't think that they specifically have a thing against
      > the Royal Family; just that Harry seems a good target at the time. Of
      > course he killed Taliban; he is in a war zone flying an attack helicopter.
      > Duh!
      > I don't quite understand your point that anti-killing is taboo and falling
      > rapidly. Has anything changed in fighting a war?? Was there ever a taboo
      > against killing the enemy??
      > eduard
      > Eduard, Ihave no problem with killing the Taliban. Many pacifits do. Many anti war people do. Many religous do. When a royal admits to killing it lowers the bar, makes it more acceptable . More of those anti killing people will cleave off at the example of a popular royal. I make no judgment of it I mearly notice it and report it . Bill
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      > From: William
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      > Subject: [existlist] Women in combat
      > This will take place slowly and congress will watch each step. Practically
      > many women are already in combat. Anti insergancy actions have no set battle
      > lines and women are routinely are in combat. The military now sorts troops
      > for effect. It you can`t do the job you don`t get it. That will not change .
      > Now that Prince Harry machine gunned people I think the anti killing taboo
      > is falling rapidly. They will be volunteers and so if you can do the duty
      > and want it I think it will happen. Leon Panetta says so and we will see
      > what Hagel says. This was one of those Obama suprises that open up
      > opportunity within the society.
      > On another military topic we are seeing demonstrations here in Des Moines
      > against the stationing of a drone base . It is a motly group of anti war,
      > pro privacy, anti police state and a few who still support the old F16`s.
      > Last night i watched a documentary on drones. I now know how they work and
      > why they are so effectine, especially in counter insergencies. The preditor
      > is just the beginning . Global hawk has another set of attributes and the
      > jet powered fighting drones are planned for our aircraft carriers. The new
      > models may actually be faster in delivery of munitions than piloted
      > aircraft. The technology is here and the missions are here . Such things
      > just happen when they become necessary.
      > So women and drones will play a greater part in our defense. I just hope it
      > works out for our interests and is a scourge to the bandits, smugglers,
      > kidnappers and religous fanatics we face in the present world. Our enemies
      > in Pakistan and Afganistan and Yemen are not in favor of these changes.
      > I`ll bet those mad Taliban would find it most unacceptable to be blown up by
      > a female drone controller. It will happen it probably already has. Bill
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