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  • eduardathome
    Jan 24 2:17 PM
      [Now that Prince Harry machine gunned people I think the anti killing taboo
      is falling rapidly.]

      The comment attributed to Harry ... "I've killed Taliban" ... in 2" letters
      on the front page of the Daily Mirror shows that the British yellow press is
      alive and well. I don't think that they specifically have a thing against
      the Royal Family; just that Harry seems a good target at the time. Of
      course he killed Taliban; he is in a war zone flying an attack helicopter.

      I don't quite understand your point that anti-killing is taboo and falling
      rapidly. Has anything changed in fighting a war?? Was there ever a taboo
      against killing the enemy??


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      From: William
      Sent: Thursday, January 24, 2013 1:39 PM
      To: existlist@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [existlist] Women in combat

      This will take place slowly and congress will watch each step. Practically
      many women are already in combat. Anti insergancy actions have no set battle
      lines and women are routinely are in combat. The military now sorts troops
      for effect. It you can`t do the job you don`t get it. That will not change .
      Now that Prince Harry machine gunned people I think the anti killing taboo
      is falling rapidly. They will be volunteers and so if you can do the duty
      and want it I think it will happen. Leon Panetta says so and we will see
      what Hagel says. This was one of those Obama suprises that open up
      opportunity within the society.
      On another military topic we are seeing demonstrations here in Des Moines
      against the stationing of a drone base . It is a motly group of anti war,
      pro privacy, anti police state and a few who still support the old F16`s.
      Last night i watched a documentary on drones. I now know how they work and
      why they are so effectine, especially in counter insergencies. The preditor
      is just the beginning . Global hawk has another set of attributes and the
      jet powered fighting drones are planned for our aircraft carriers. The new
      models may actually be faster in delivery of munitions than piloted
      aircraft. The technology is here and the missions are here . Such things
      just happen when they become necessary.
      So women and drones will play a greater part in our defense. I just hope it
      works out for our interests and is a scourge to the bandits, smugglers,
      kidnappers and religous fanatics we face in the present world. Our enemies
      in Pakistan and Afganistan and Yemen are not in favor of these changes.
      I`ll bet those mad Taliban would find it most unacceptable to be blown up by
      a female drone controller. It will happen it probably already has. Bill


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