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59100Re: [existlist] Asteroid Mining Project?

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  • eduardathome
    Jan 23, 2013
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      "Advocates of asteroid mining hope it could turn into a trillion-dollar

      Just how much would it cost to build that space fleet and turn an
      asteroid/plant into something where humans can live?? I suspect that it
      would cost tens if not hundreds of times more to get there and do mining
      than could be obtained from the sale of minerals. So far the International
      Space Station has cost something like $150 billion, and they are not even
      collecting rocks, only circling around the earth like a weight on the end of
      a string.


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      Subject: [existlist] Asteroid Mining Project?

      Asteroid Mining Project?

      [ "A new venture is joining the effort to extract mineral resources on
      asteroids. The announcement of plans by Deep Space Industries to exploit
      the rare metals present in the space rocks turns asteroid mining into a
      two-horse race. The other venture, Planetary Resources, went public with
      its proposals last year. Advocates of asteroid mining hope it could turn
      into a trillion-dollar business, but some scientists are highly
      sceptical of the idea. Deep Space Industries wants to send a fleet of
      asteroid-prospecting spacecraft out into the Solar System to hunt for
      resources". It looks as though your fiction novel and the DSSN might be
      coming true now. ]

      :- ) It might one day. But even mining on Asteroids is a long way off
      yet. Let alone many vast space station in orbit around the sun beyond
      Mars. DSSN means the Deep Space Security Network. Well, in my fiction
      novel anyway :- ) But it is not a science fantasy book. It could come
      true. And just think, any human being NOT born on earth would be an
      alien from outer space :- )))) There is nought to say that we could not
      get there; one day in the dim and distant future. We sure cannot stay
      here and survive beyond the capability for the earth to sustain life.
      But I predicted that a start would be made about now and the satellite
      homes establish in about three or four hundred years time. But the novel
      goes way beyond that; and the BIG revolution was a few thousand years
      off from now. And I did say that not all the fiction book was fiction;
      even though most of it is. AS YET.

      CQ, CQ is there anybody out there?

      Only me, from over the sea,

      Said ***** ******, from Acron :- )

      Ouch, I must not give the plot away :- )


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