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59098Re: Asteroid Mining Project?

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  • Dick.
    Jan 23, 2013
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      Yes I am keeping warm thanks. Plenty of layers on :- ) And yes they look
      after me well, and there is plenty of food in, and cakes; and few nice
      beers. The bloody power has been off five times today, which is unusual
      for here. Probably lines down with so much snow on them. Kathy got to
      France OK and phones me up. She is staying with my son and his lady for
      a few days up near the Alps. She is going to do some skiing.

      Here, try this Novel while it is cold there, you may well find it
      exciting. The chapters are in the files section at

      It isn't chat group it is just for the book. It has it ALL in it
      including a bloody great revolution. Let me know what you think if you
      do. Many have read it including one of my daughters :- )

      Merlin of Exmoor

      -- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "William" wrote:
      > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Dick." wrote:
      > >
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      > > Asteroid Mining Project?
      > >
      > > [ "A new venture is joining the effort to extract mineral resources
      > > asteroids. The announcement of plans by Deep Space Industries to
      > > the rare metals present in the space rocks turns asteroid mining
      into a
      > > two-horse race. The other venture, Planetary Resources, went public
      > > its proposals last year. Advocates of asteroid mining hope it could
      > > into a trillion-dollar business, but some scientists are highly
      > > sceptical of the idea. Deep Space Industries wants to send a fleet
      > > asteroid-prospecting spacecraft out into the Solar System to hunt
      > > resources". It looks as though your fiction novel and the DSSN might
      > > coming true now. ]
      > >
      > > :- ) It might one day. But even mining on Asteroids is a long way
      > > yet. Let alone many vast space station in orbit around the sun
      > > Mars. DSSN means the Deep Space Security Network. Well, in my
      > > novel anyway :- ) But it is not a science fantasy book. It could
      > > true. And just think, any human being NOT born on earth would be an
      > > alien from outer space :- )))) There is nought to say that we could
      > > get there; one day in the dim and distant future. We sure cannot
      > > here and survive beyond the capability for the earth to sustain
      > > But I predicted that a start would be made about now and the
      > > homes establish in about three or four hundred years time. But the
      > > goes way beyond that; and the BIG revolution was a few thousand
      > > off from now. And I did say that not all the fiction book was
      > > even though most of it is. AS YET.
      > >
      > > CQ, CQ is there anybody out there?
      > >
      > > Only me, from over the sea,
      > >
      > > Said ***** ******, from Acron :- )
      > >
      > > Ouch, I must not give the plot away :- )
      > >
      > > rwr
      > > Merlin, A great topic,space exploration is wildly unpredictable.
      Our little old mars explorer is still chugging around years after it was
      designed to last. It has a dead wheel but can go backwards and is still
      sending back data. Commercial uses are slowly coming forward but
      supplies of strategic materials will have to be depleated to necessitate
      a space search. Distant environments are expensive places to operate,I
      would point to the gas plant that was attacked in Libia. The deep
      desert is like another world with a level of isolation that makes it
      vulnerable. When a system goes down replacement parts may take years to
      arrive and disposable robots surly become better workers than people
      who have to be evacuated when systems fail.
      > The criminals who attacked the BP gas facility were after hostages. It
      seems their leader was into smuggling and kidnapping. In the future
      space pirats are a possibility. Could we see a new age of buccaneering
      ? Romantic,yes, fun,yes.
      > So thanks for writing outside the box and thinking of truly futuristic
      things. With the horrible weather we are both experiencing sitting in
      the cold cabin leaves time for a bit of fantasy. It is brutally cold
      here and it sounds like you are having an Iowa like winter. Wear your
      hat,Dick, wear your gloves, wear heavy lugged boots and dress in layers.
      Go to the pub and see people . I hope your wife gets back soon and can
      watch over you. It is not good to be alone in the cold. Bill
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