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59066Re: Inauguration day

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  • Mary
    Jan 21, 2013
      This particular day is a wonderful tradition for a particular president, nation, and peoples.


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "William" wrote:
      > This is Obama`s day. As he said to Malia,"I did it". You sure did ,Mr.President and almost all of us are better off because of your mighty effort. When Romney made his run I really feared for your survival but you just turned it up a notch and blew him away.
      > I remember the great trust the people had in Eisenhower. The president sets the confidence level for the country and this president earned his 2nd term. As a political tactician Obama has to rate as a master. His opposition had a detailed plan to destroy him but he moved and reappeared and counter punched with such suprise and tenacity that the other side was always off balance always behind.
      > His opposition is reviled and full of infighting but I expect more suprises out of this man. I look forward to the address as I think with such a huge audiance he will show the bones of his plans and light new directions. Universal health care was huge and getting Osama and stopping the wars is enough to build a legacy but I think this great leader has more in store for us. His inner circle is tight and he will be calling the shots at his own pace. The level at which this guy plays we may never need to know. It would be great if politics and the government ran itself like under Ike or FDR. I think Obama can reach that level of proficiency If he does just start the stone cutting at Mount Rushmore,there is a really suprising face coming. Bill
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