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59050Discovery and Invention Inevitable?

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  • Dick.
    Jan 20, 2013
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      Discovery and Invention Inevitable?

      [ Richard, do you see the discovery of things and the invention of
      things as being inevitable? Do you see life as being inevitable? ]

      Yes to both questions. But inevitable does not imply that it HAD to be
      so, was expected to be so; or planned to be so: but simply that IT IS
      SO. And one thing leads on to another. Somebody wrote me about Opera the
      other day. But when stories and drama exist and also music exists then
      it is no big leap to Opera is it. Simply mixing the two together.

      However, you are on a very sticky wicket when asking about life being
      inevitable and how it came into existence, for my experience reveals
      that it never did come into existence, it always was. Timeless and
      Eternal; no beginning and no end. I cannot prove it however. Nor can you
      prove that it is wrong. Personally I don't care much; for as I said,
      I live with what comes along. And I don't ever remember not
      existing. Can one experience not existing? :- ))) And, I hasten to add,
      this does not mean that my existence here does not have a beginning and
      an end. But there is more than HERE and there is more life than just me.
      And as for my existing when the world was not with me and I was ALONE
      then that does not mean that others would not find that to be the same
      way. I AM.

      Dick Richardson

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