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58994The right bang

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  • William
    Jan 16, 2013
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      I just listened to the President and Vice Presiden announcing their measures to combat gun violence. I see the effort as reasonable. It is reasonable in its scope and in its possibility. It was presented with great care and did not attempt to insult the opposition. If he can get an assault weapons through the congress he will try but there will be some changes . If the crazies keep up the slaughter the changes will come more quickly. It is in the administrations benefit to have this issue event driven. If these twenty three executive orders bring results it could end here but that is unlikely. Most of the changes just enforce present gun laws,they deal with background checks more cops and CDC research into gun violence.A great many are now watching these events and the politicians need not walk the gun law plank if public outrage is very strong. So the administration has made their public response and in a way now it is in the hands of unknown deranged people who are cooking away out there waiting to crack. It is much like terrorism how far will we have to go to have reasonable saftey and security? What will the price in personal liberty be. Will a patriot act on the gun issue be necessary to stop the slaughter? Who knows when you are in the hands of maniacs. Bill